Vision and Mission


Fobivi will become the most trusted and top-of-mind medical experts, traders, pharmaceutical specialists provider brand in international.


Fobivi believes that our sustainable development must stem from the harmonious interests of all stakeholders, in order to foster market growth and create value for the community.


PRESTIGE: For Customer – Employee – Supplier, Fobivi commits and executes its commitments to ensure the effective service delivery for customers (including supplier, developers and buyers). This is the motto of the Board of Directors and employees in all governing, research, business and customer service activities. 

WISDOM: In order to create values for Customer – Employee – Supplier, Fobivi relentlessly create and practice to improve services and add value in all business aspects. 

ETHICS: Integrity is the best manifestation of honesty and ethical compliance. This is the most important value shaping the credibility and Fobivi brand as well as featuring the image of a trustworthy, committed and effective company. 


We are international team of medical experts, traders, pharmaceutical specialists.

Worldwide business network and the know-how ensure a better platform to provide transparent and safe information during the Covid-19 situation.

Fobivi is proud of being an enterprise with 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical business.

As well as a specialized import and export solutions provider, we offer the best customized service according to client’s needs. We save your time, in order to make your cash-flow fastens ever.

Business Goals