• Business lacks focus
  • Spread investment
  • Many strategies are either not implemented or implemented to a limited extent
  • Cumbersome apparatus, high staff quit – Unreasonable allocation of resources
  • Businesses slow response to environmental changes (market trends / technology trends / competitors)


  • Company strategy identifies business fields in terms of the market, target market segments in relation to decisions: business expansion, investment / divestment, optimal resource allocation …
  • Business strategy is how the company dominates market share in the target market or segment based on identifying & building competitive advantages over competitors in the market.


1. Industry Analysis

  • Analyze the market potential level
  • Analyze competition level according to Porters’ 5 forces framework model
  • Negotiation strength from supplier
  • Negotiation strength from customers
  • The risk from new competitors entering the market
  • Risks from substitute products
  • The level of competition among competitors in the market

2. Market Analysis

Market segmentation: market, customer, distribution channel, competitor, technology factor, main competitors

3. Company Resource Analysis:

  • Tangible and intangible resources
  • Capabilities to execute
  • Competitive advantage
  • Potential to generate profits from company resources (assets & capabilities)

4. Models for choosing strategy

  • GE /McKinsey portfolio planning matrix
  • BCG growth-share matrix

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