FDA and CE Consultancy Service

We are leading Global FDA & CE Consultants & In-Country Representatives for Medical Device, Drugs, Food & Cosmetics. We provide expert, quality Assurance & regulatory compliance services to healthcare, industries to comply with European and US FDA requirements.
We understand that FDA and CE compliance rules can be challenging to understand. Let our experts do that work for you.

One-Stop Im-Export Solution Service

If you are considering importing and exporting to Vietnam for the first time or looking to diversify and expand your brand and product line, why not take advantage of the right turnkey import and export services. your organization. Here you will find a network of local suppliers, investors and experts with solid expertise.

For suitable import / export solutions please contact our dedicated sales staff on:
Contact number: +84 869 35 75 68
Contact E-mail: info@fobivi.com

Buyer match making service

Developing an event program that is engaging, purposeful and effective can be a Fobivi can dramatically expedite the connection process, decrease search costs, and help companies find better, more targeted business matches. If you are visiting an unfamiliar market, and looking to make the right business connections we can help.

Our trade professionals have strong relationships with local business, industry, and government leaders, and can connect you to the right partners. We identify, screen and arrange meetings with prospective agents, distributors, and buyers for your products and services.

Corporate restructuring

Analyze and evaluate the current state of the business: strategy, revenue, customers, cost, cash flow, structure / organization, distribution channel Propose optimal solution & implementation plan Enforcement assistance

Merging & acquisition strategy consulting

Analyze and evaluate business opportunities as well as possible risks in mergers and acquisitions Analyze & introduce a list of potential partners / investors as well as strengths. the weaknesses of each unit

Market penetration strategy

Analyze and evaluate the most suitable way of entering the market with the company’s capacity and resources Analyzing, selecting, and supporting the deployment of distribution channels

Business strategy

Growth potential from existing business

Potential levels of new products / services

Growth opportunities from new business / business model

Company / department strategy

Strategic orientation in the future to best exploit market opportunities as well as the company’s execution capacity

Building optimal / breakthrough business model as well as sustainable competitive advantage

Market analysis

Analyze and evaluate the potential level of the market

Analyzing and evaluating the level of competition and competitors

Analyze the behavior of your target consumer

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