• Product / service / business field have difficulty growing, not making profit, or making a profit but growing very slowly.
  • Difficulty in identifying new focus product / service / field for testing and development.
  • Not confident in investing in a new focus product / service / field when there is not enough reliable business strategy / plan
  • Concern about the effectiveness of your current business model as well as the growth opportunities of new models
  • Growth opportunities can be based on competitive advantages and execution capacity of enterprises


  • Growth potential from existing business field.
  • Potential levels of new products / services.
  • Growth opportunities from new business / business model

Ansoff Matrix:

1. Market Consolidation

  • Increase revenue per customer.
  • Develop new customer segments in the same geographic area.
  • Get market share of competitive products

2. Market Development.

  • Grow customers in new geographic areas.
  • Develop new packaging for products (larger or smaller).
  • Develop new sales channels

3. Product Development.

  • Develop expansion, upgrade for existing products.
  • Develop complementary, combined products with existing products (combo sales).
  • Develop new products for your existing customer segments

 4. Diversification

  • Develop new business fields: new products in new markets.
  • Develop a new business model.

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