• Revenue decreased / could not grow;
  • Bulky business structure, inefficient operation;
  • Large operating costs, affecting liquidity and payment;
  • Lack of cash flow, poor working capital;
  • Lack of business strategy Affected by wars, epidemics, natural disasters,…


  • Optimizing structure / organization, creating the foundation for effective management through a rational and effective control and decentralization mechanism; reasonable resource allocation (right people, right job);
  • Effectively manage distribution channels / supply chains to build smart purchasing strategies to reduce costs and reduce waste;
  • Optimizing business strategy / model to clearly identify key areas of business, and reduce inappropriate business areas;
  • Analysis of business growth dynamics / performance to determine revenue growth drivers and optimize business performance, thereby offering revenue growth solutions for existing products and services. identifying new product / service development directions, medium and long-term growth platform of the business;
  • Cost management and operational efficiency help improve quality, reduce report preparation time, and support business leaders to make more accurate and timely decisions, thereby increasing business profits.


  • Provide revenue growth solutions for the company;
  • Increase the number of customers to purchase, increase the value of orders for products from existing customers of the company;
  • List of potential new customers for business development;
  • Provide solutions to optimize operating costs: human resources, electricity and water, … as well as solutions to rent unused warehouse.

Three Steps Business Restructuring

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