• Lack of information on market analysis, competitors / competing products when periodically reviewing the company’s strategy as well as development orientation.
  • Choosing a new business field is very subjective, not based much on the database of analysis and evaluation.
  • New products / services did not meet expectations.
  • Approach to sectors / business units / product groups has reached the saturation stage of the market.
  • Approach for M&A (M&A) to support solving the growth problem


1. Market analysis to support businesses for:

Potential levels, market trends, market segments.

The level of market competition.

Advantages and disadvantages of competitors / main products in the same segment

Effective touch points for customers.

How to penetrate the market, choose the suitable distribution channel.

2. Forms of market research:

Primary research

  • Analysis is based on direct income data obtained from customers, experts, suppliers, competitors, …
  • How data is collected:

+ Interviews : face-to-face or remote meeting (phone, skype, …)

+ Survey: via email or online

+ Focus group (group survey): discuss with customer groups or experts to receive feedback directly

Secondary research

  • Synthesize, analyze based on indirect data sources (available)
  • Main data sources:

+ Information and reports of companies / market research units: IMS, BMI, Nielsen, Kantar, Euromonitor, …

+ Topical reports and analysis in newspapers / magazines

+ Information, reports from associations / unions

+ Reports and statistics from state / government agencies and organizations

+ Information and reports of companies and competitors: quarterly and annual reports of companies on the stock exchange

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